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Providing Athletes With a Premier Softball Training Facility

Magnolia's Premier Indoor Training Facility

Softball athletes of all ages and experience levels can now train comfortably indoors under climate‑controlled conditions. At the same time, they can receive high‑quality instructions on how to elevate their skills at Five 10 Five Athletics in Magnolia, Texas. 

"Coach Sarah has a very special gift when it comes to communicating with her students. She has a very special way of getting their buy‑in, their trust, and their undivided attention."

– Adrian Flores

“We highly recommend Coach Sarah to players of all levels. She easily works between our daughters of different ages and adapts drills to their skill levels.”

– Jeremy Shamburger

“Since the day I told Sloan I wanted to be a hitter, she has worked tirelessly to mold me into one! We created a comprehensive plan to build power, while continuously strengthening my technique.”

– Mazlyn (Mazzy) Heyer

“We highly recommend Coach Sarah to players of all ages. She has taken our daughter's skill set to a new level.”

– Rebekah Shamburger

"When I had struggles Sloan not only supported me but gave me exactly what I needed to persevere; she never doubted me and she pushed me to be the player I am today."

– Mazlyn (Mazzy) Heyer

"Sloan has a way of connecting with her athletes because she cares! She cares about the athlete you are, but more than that she cares about the person you become."

– Mazlyn (Mazzy) Heyer

“Sarah comes from a background of not only playing the game at the collegiate level but also has teaching experience. This gives her the ability to relate to the students and have the patience to work with all ages.”

– Adrian Flores

Our Training Programs

We train softball players of all ages and experience levels and evaluate how athletes learn daily. Our instructors also provide instructions designed to fit every athlete’s requirements. Explore programs suitable for enhancing your skills.